Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a session?

A welcoming, relaxed environment; experienced, friendly leaders and a chance to explore the natural world. Click to read more about our toddler sessions.

Who runs the sessions?

All sessions are run by experienced educators who are fully insured and have an up to date DBS certificate.

Where are the sessions?

In London our sessions are at Grow Mayow Community Garden in Sydenham. In Bath our sessions are at Alice Park Community Garden and Sydney Gardens. For locations and maps click here.

Can I leave my child?

All parents are fully responsible for their children during the sessions. Adults must not leave their children unattended. Adult ratio is 1:1 and all tool work is fully supervised by the Forest School leader and parent of child.

While you need to supervise them, your child will generally get the most out of the session if you let them take the lead, choose what they want to do and explore as independently as they can.

What if I have a medical condition or allergy?

All relevant medical conditions and allergies must be declared prior to the session – there is a space on the booking form for this. Then our leaders know to make any adjustments to craft materials and snacks.

What happens in wet weather?

Forest School is an outdoor activity so be prepared to be outside! We do have access to some indoor space in case of sudden extreme downpour or cold but expect to be outdoors for the entire session. Activities will be messy and wet whatever the weather so please dress accordingly.

What should we wear?

In the summer, whatever you are comfortable in, a hat and suncream. You can wear sandals or go barefoot but jut look out for particularly spiky twigs.

In colder weather, lots of thin layers, including thermals if you have them. This keeps you warm while enabling you to move around easily. Add a hat scarf and gloves when it gets really wintry. Waterproof trousers and wellies are a good idea so your child can enjoy getting muddy. Top tip: have the trousers over the wellies rather than tucked in.

It’s helpful to bring a change of clothes with you, as even in full waterproof gear your child can get soggy to their skin if they’re really going for it!

Please don’t forget to dress yourself appropriately: it’s easy to get your child perfectly kitted out and then realise you’ve turned up in smart white trainers and a light jacket! Even if you are not going to be rolling around in puddles yourself, you will be outside, probably sitting on a log and possibly giving a cuddle to a happy but very muddy child.

Where are the toilets?

At Grow Mayow in London the toilets are in the Brown and Green café next door.

In Bath, Sydney Gardens and Alice Park have public loos which cost 20p.

​What if a child or adult has an accident?

A risk assessment is written for the session, but you have ultimate responsibility for your family. However, in an emergency situation we will call the emergency services. Foxglove Forest School has public liability insurance.

What if I am running late?

We will welcome late comers. However, the session will start on time.

What if my question isn't answered here?

Contact us.